Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Stay Afraid

This quote from Carrie Fisher resonated with me and my choice for the #OneWord2017 challenge.  I have resolved to say yes more often to opportunities instead of getting bogged down in all the what ifs.....

But I had struggled with choosing "yes" as my word.  Everyone else's choices seemed to be better somehow.  But "fearless" and "brave" just didn't ring true.  I like what Carrie is saying here.  This is more me - it's not that I'm fearless or even particularly brave.  I am still afraid but I resolve to do it anyway.  And perhaps as I say yes more often and do things anyway, in spite of being afraid, the confidence will build.

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I've been thinking about how the One Word Challenge would be a great activity with students next week when they return to school.  I haven't find any resources online for doing this with students, but I did find this online template from that could be modified for use with students. I would simply delete the section that says scripture since I teach for a public school board.  You could easily do this activity without the template which is what I usually prefer to do.  Just have students fold a paper into thirds and label the sections: Brainstorm Words, Define 3 Words and My One Word.  You could have students create an image for their one word using visual arts materials or computer graphics which they could  keep at their desk or on a notebook as a reminder.  For our youngest students in kindergarten, it might be fun to do this with a small group or even as a whole class to create a vision for our class community.  So many possibilities and no wrong answers!

I'm downloading this image to use as my computer wallpaper this month:

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