Friday, 30 December 2016

Saying Yes

I'm not great at New Year's Resolutions.  I always resolve to eat healthier and exercise more - while sitting on my couch having a glass of wine on New Year's Eve.  This quote from blogger Kristen Armstrong sums up my resolution for 2017:

It's not too late to get off the fence if there are things you have wanted to do or say but have held back or played small.  Do it. 
Say no to fear, hesitation, and indecision and say yes to your life.

In the past, I was sometimes afraid to challenge myself but I find as I get older I am getting braver.  I started my Doctorate last year and the thought of defending next spring is terrifying, but I'm going to do it! I've prepared a book proposal to submit to a publisher for consideration; right now I've sent it off to a critical friend for review.  And, so far, I've submitted two articles for publication, and I've also applied to present at three upcoming conferences.  For some people, submitting articles or applications might not be an act of bravery but the fear of rejection is kind of scary.  Promoting my writing and my blog on social media makes me feel uncomfortable, like I'm saying "Look at me!" However, pushing past these fears opens up opportunities for exciting experiences, so my resolution this year is to continue to push myself.  I can't wait to see what opportunities this year will bring!


  1. Old habits die hard. Immediately after I published this blog post my hubby and I went out for a 10K walk. As we passed our favourite breakfast place, he asked if I wanted to stop for breakfast on our way back, and then walk the rest of the way home. It would break up our long walk.

    AndI didn't say yes. I stopped and I thought:
    - I'm wearing UnderArmour tops and bottoms and I'll get so hot and sweaty sitting in the restaurant
    - I haven't showered yet
    - I haven't washed my hair and I'm wearing a hat. I'll look awful.

    Even after I had just written about saying yes more often, my first instinct was to think of all the reasons to say no. On our way back around, John said, "If we cut through the parking lot, we can walk over there and past the dog park."
    Me: "What about breakfast?"
    John: "What?"
    Me: "You offered to take me out for breakfast. Remember? What happened to breakfast?"
    John: "Oh yeah, I forgot."

    We agreed to walk by the dog park and stopped at another breakfast spot closer to home. My reward for saying yes was a delicious breakfast special and spending more time relaxing with my hubby on a cold winter morning, drinking tea and watching the world go by from our table by the window. Lovely!

  2. My focus as well, becoming more brave and to challenge myself. That's why I am going solo to New Zealand and participating in an adventure tour. I was reluctant to commit to something so out of my comfort zone ( going that far away on my own) but when I started to pay attention to the messages that were coming to me in a variety of ways, I said 'yes'.

    1. Good for you! I always wanted to go to Europe and in 2011 I signed up for group tour on my own. I spent three days in Barcelona ahead of time, and then two weeks on a tour with a group of strangers who became friends. It was scary but totally worth it. And after spending three days on my own in Barcelona, not speaking the language and dealing with my lost luggage, I felt like I could do anything. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. This past year I used my "teacher" skills to write for our church wide Gospel News publication about goal setting and spiritual improvement. Being far from perfect, it was a bit uneasy sharing my insights with so many but since it was all about growing, I took the risk to learn more about my own weaknesses and ways I could improve. When I worked with our school board I never dreamed my research, writing and knowledge of SMART goals could be transferred in such a way. Most recently, I've been reflecting on the lives of two dear friends I lost this past week. In thinking about my one word, I'm trying to consider compassion that Paul taught me and how it meshes with being a prayer warrior that my friend Matt taught me. Your article and the comments are urging me to submit another article for my church with the one word theme in mind. Thanks for the reflections.
    Cindy Henderson

    1. Thanks for letting me know how the articles and ideas I've shared are impacting your work Cindy. Sharing professional writing is hard enough but sharing something personal takes real courage. I'm sure your article on the One Word Challenge will inspire many readers.