Monday, 12 December 2016

Classroom Environments that Promote Self-regulation

As part of the course I'm taking through the MEHRIT centre, we were given the choice on how we wanted to do our latest reflection.  Inspired by Susan Hopkins, I created this video to showcase some of the ways that teachers in our board are using the classroom environment to promote students' development of self-regulation.  In a nutshell, self-regulation is the ability to monitor your own energy level - are you hyperaroused? hypoaroused? or calm, alert and ready to learn?  and then either up regulate or down regulate as needed.

Kindergarten classrooms can be noisy, busy environments but you can see in these photos how educators have created calm, soothing spaces for children.  Reducing stress allows students to reach that calm state necessary for learning.  I was in a rush when I created this video since our reflection was due that day, so I didn't add the photo credits.  I've listed them at the bottom of this blog post.

For more information about self-regulation:

The MEHRIT Centre

Understanding Self-Regulation: Why stressed students struggle to learn

For an example of one of Susan's video blogs:
Is this Self-Reg?  5 Misconceptions about Self-Reg in Schools

My Classroom Environment Reflection video:

Photo credits:
Slide 3 & 4: Ontario Ministry of Education presentation

All other images: Google Image search

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